I Love Them soo Much...

03 November 2010

i'm going through the day.....

  • i remember the days 
  •  when my mind used to be overrun with emotions and thoughts
  • of all things good include when i'm pregnant and the something worst happen  

  • as time went by with each new day,
    and with a brand new life to look forward to my beloved husband and iman
  • my mind emptied itself in a flash HUHU, just like that

  • i sit back and think about the yesteryears,
  • sometimes i smiling at the change that has taken over me
  • and the life that i have been blessed with now
  • Now tengah strolling down the memory lane,
  • and im unafraid of the future
  • eventually, with eyes wide open
  • i’ve come to understand, that some things, including life, change for the better WAYS
  • so with a smile on my lips and a wish on my heart
  • I give faith and hope one more reason
  • i give life another chance to make my wish come true

  • Now on im becoming a patient wife
  • never cared for what people thought,
  • never worried about those who left,
  • never a minute I spent crying over the stress,

what had to happen, had to happen!

what I was yesterday is what I am today,

yet people think I have changed, I wonder why!

I take life as it comes

no expectations and no demands

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