I Love Them soo Much...

17 March 2011

Read this......

The life I seek must be fast

The speed of life makes me laugh!

Death's just around the corner for

a Queer like me!

Well so they say all of them Freaks.

Homophobia I really do detest

What I am is what I do best!

Like if you want, Answer! This ain't no test

If you like me, "Great," then we're friends

If you hate me don't make me get upset!

I'm just a Dike whom nobody Straight likes

Well forget you all, cause we love each other

my Baby and I!

You don't have to shake my hand,

I'm not asking you to stare.

If you don't like what you see,

then get the Hell out of here!

I am what I am, So please understand

Even if you don't "Who really gives a damn?"

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